Silicone Antifoams

Antifoams are processing aids that prevent and control the development of foam in different industrial applications. Foam control is critical for the process yield and safety and silicone - based antifoams are superior in performance and cost effectiveness when compared to their organic counterparts. Silicone antifoams tend to knockdown foam faster and with much longer effects than organic antifoams.

Foam forms in processes like chemical or biological reactions (neutralization, fermentation, effervescence) and in different physical processes or handling of materials (mixing, pumping, centrifuging). Following is a presentation of silicone antifoams available from MBI Silicones, their characteristics, performance and applications.

Antifoams are designed to break and prevent foam building in water based and non-aqueous solvent or oil systems. Foam is created when gas is dispersed into a liquid and if not controlled, foam will stabilize and reduce the effectiveness of equipment, increasing time and costs of processing. The defoaming mechanism of silicone antifoams is based on the reduction in surface stability of the foam film. The silicone fluids penetrate the bubble film due to their good spreading properties and release the entrapped air. When the fluid carries along hydrophobic solids, such as fumed silica, the defoaming mechanism is considerably enhanced.

An effective defoamer must meet certain requirements such as:

  • be insoluble in the foaming media
  • possess lower surface tension than the foaming system
  • spread out rapidly over foaming media displacing the foam forming agents from the surface
  • be inert and leave no residue or odor
  • meet FDA/USDA standards as required

There are various factors also to be considered in the selection of an antifoam:

  • the chemical nature and stability of the foaming system
  • temperature, pH, surface tension and viscosity of the system
  • solubility and concentration
  • type of surfactants that may be present
  • processing equipment
  • end use of product
  • There are many suppliers and hundreds of antifoam products and it would be very hard to offset each one of them, but our technical support and expertise will determine the most suitable MBI Silicones defoamer solution for you, or we
  • will develop one for your specific application

MBI Silicones antifoams are safe, stable, easy to use and effective in the prevention and controlling of foam in industries like:

  • chemical and petrochemical processes
  • home and personal care
  • food processing and packaging
  • agricultural formulations
  • metal working
  • pulp and paper
  • leather and textile finishing
  • construction materials
  • paint coatings and inks
  • adhesives and glues
  • water treatments


 Product %Actives   Foaming media  Applications
SF-20(300-1,000 cS) 100 Non aqueous Food
SF-20(10K-60K cS) 100 Non aqueous Petrochemicals
SAF-100 100 Non aqueous Industrial and Food
SAF-10 10 Water Based Direct and indirect food contact
 SAF-20 20 Water Based Direct and indirect food contact
 SAF-30 30 Water Based Direct and indirect food contact
 SAF-100 10 Water Based Technical grade antifoam emulsion
SAF-120 20 Water Based Technical grade antifoam emulsion
SAF-130 30 Water Based Technical grade antifoam emulsion
SAF-150 10 Non aqueous SOlvent Based Paints
SAF-544 100 Water/Oil based Water Dispersable
SAF-620 50 Water Based Paints, Inks and Coatings
SAF-552 100 Water Based Textiles. Pulp and Paper
SAF-573 100 Water Based Textiles