Product Lines

Silicone products are everywhere we look. Silicon is the most abundant constituent of the earth's crust after oxygen. Silicone products are a family of highly functional materials exhibiting many versatile characteristics. The starting point in the manufacturing of silicones is silica containing rock undergoing a series of complex chemical reactions through which the silicon element is transformed becoming part of the siloxane bond (-Si-O-Si-) which represents the building block of the silicone polymers.

Silicones are synthetic polymers with combined properties of organic and inorganic materials, some of their main features including:

  • heat and cold resistance
  • water repellency
  • low surface tension
  • electrical insulation
  • low coefficient of friction
  • resistance to severe weather conditions

Due to their high-performance characteristics silicones are widely used in almost all industrial fields such as:

  • chemicals
  • oil and petrochemicals
  • electrical
  • electronic
  • transportation
  • energy
  • manufacturing
  • textiles
  • food
  • construction
  • medical 
  • cosmetics

Depending on their molecular structure, silicone polymers may be in the form of fluids, resins, elastomers, gels and mixtures. MBI Silicones product line includes silicones in all their forms and covers numerous applications in different industries. We take great pride in our ability to create new and technically advanced solutions that will better fit your specific requirements. Whether you have an existing application or process, or a new project lined up, we will be glad to work with you to either find or develop the right silicone product for your specific functional need.

    SF-127 Reactive Methylhydrogen Polysiloxane Fluids Textiles and particle treatment for water repellency properties
    SF-340 Reactive Silanol Fluids Synthesis of silicone fluids and elastomers
    SF-420 Vinyl Polysiloxane Fluids  Addition cure RTV, LIM Rubber, Heat Cure Silicone Rubber
    SF-369 Low viscosity Silanol Fluid Paint additive and pigment dispersing aid
    SF-736 Curable Aminefunctional Siloxane Additive for water repellency, corrosion and abrasion resistance in car polish formulations
    SF-733 Curable Aminefunctional Siloxane Personal Care
    SF-2686 Methyl Alkyl Silicone Fluid Lubricating and paintable fluid for release applications where post coating is required
    SF-590 Polyether Modified Silicone Fluid Water and alcohol soluble; surface tension depressant, emulsifier, wetting agent, pigment dispersion aid for coatings and Personal Care products
    SF-593 Polyether Modified Silicone Fluid Cosmetic Fluid water and alcohol soluble; foam booster, provides anti-stat properties
    SF-540A Polyether Modified Silicone Fluid Wetting agent for aqueous systems; cleaners, agricultural formulations
    SF-553A Polyether Modified Silicone Fluid Cosmetic fluid, alcohol soluble
    SF-5400 Polyether Modified Silicone Fluid Powders dispersion aid, static control agent for textiles with wetting properties
    SF-5208 Alkyl Polyether Modified Siloxane Cosmetic Fluid, pigment dispersion aid, w/o emulsifier
    SF-8030 Aminefunctional Siloxane Textile softener
    SF-8012 Aminefunctional Siloxane Higher viscosity textile softener
    SF-8015 Aminefunctional Siloxane Hair Care conditioning additive, easily emulsified
    SF-610 Methyl Phenyl Siloxane High/Low temperature lubricant, hydraulic/damping fluids
    SF-650 Methyl Phenyl Siloxane Heat transfer fluid for high temperature and high flash point applications
    SF-655 Methyl Phenyl Siloxane Low viscosity, alcohol soluble fluid for cosmetic applications
    SFF-(XXX)      Fluorosilicone Fluid Fluid for very low temperature and chemically aggressive environment
    SF28-(300-1,000) 100% PDMS Food grade additive for non-aqueous systems
    SF20-(0.65-1,000,000)     100% PDMS Hydraulic fluids, damping fluids, diffusion pump oils, lubricants, dielectrics, defoamers, release agents, additives for leather, textile, cosmetics, health care
    SF28-250 100% PDMS Medical devices
    SF20-(XXX)NF 100% PDMS Pharmaceutical grade USP Dimethicone
    SF27-50 100% PDMS Dielectric fluid

    Cyclic Volatile Polydimethylsiloxane Fluids

    SF-24 Cyclotetrasiloxane Personal Care         
    SF-25 Cyclopentasiloxane Personal Care
    SF-26 Cyclohexasiloxane and Cyclopentasiloxane            Personal Care
    SF-34 Cyclotetrasiloxane and Cyclopentasiloxane Personal Care
    SF-35 Cyclopentasiloxane and Cyclohexasiloxane Personal Care
    SAF-100      Antifoam Compound Manufacturing of antifoam emulsions, non-aqueous systems defoamer in industrial and food applications
    SAF-110 10% Antifoam Emulsion General purpose defoamer for industrial and indirect food contact applications
    SAF-10 10% Antifoam Emulsion Direct food contact applications
    SAF-120 20% Antifoam Emulsion General purpose industrial applications
    SAF-20 20% Antifoam Emulsion Food Grade antifoam
    SAF-130 30% Antifoam Emulsion General purpose industrial defoamer
    SAF-30 30% Antifoam Emulsion Food Grade antifoam
    SAF-544 Antifoam Copolymer Compound     Hot and cold systems, 100% active, water dispersible
    SAF-620 Antifoam Emulsion Water based paints, inks and coatings
    SAF-150 Solvent Based Antifoam Solvent based paints
    SAF-552 Silicone Polyether Fluid Hot systems defoamer for textiles, pulp and paper
    SAF-573 Silicone Polyether Fluid Cold systems defoamer for textiles
    SFM-2033  0% PDMF, 100cS Printers emulsion, polish additive
    EM-FG35 35% PDMF, 350cS Food Grade release emulsion for plastic and paper
    SFM-2062 50% PDMF, 350cS Plastic and rubber release applications
    SFM-2063 60% PDMF, 350cS Tire and vinyl mold release, printers emulsion
    SFM-2035 50% PDMF, 1000cS General purpose emulsion for many industries/applications
    SFM-2040 50% PDMF, 10,000cS Release for metal, rubber and plastic, ingredient in personal care formulations, additive for polishes and cleaners
    SFM-2045 50% PDMF, 60,000cS Mold release for plastic and rubber
    SFM-3264 50% Silanol Fluid, 100cS Pigment treatment, leather conditioner, textile softener
    SFM-3264A     60% Silanol Fluid, 100cS Mold release, leather and textile finishing, powders treatment
    SFM-3138 60% Reactive Silanol Fluid Heat catalyzed particle treatment for water repellency
    SFM-3490 50% Very High Viscosity Fluid Release agent for plastic and rubber processing, conditioning agent for hair
    SFM-3200 50% Extremely High Viscosity Fluid Mold release agent, slip additive for water based coatings
    SFM-2656 50% Methyl Alkyl Fluid Paintable release for metal and plastic parts requiring post treatment
    SRM-640 50% Silicone Resin Emulsion Film forming emulsion for high temperature and corrosion resistant coatings
    SFM-8159 50% Reactive Silicone Polymer Polish formulations additive, release coatings, particle treatments, textile finishing
    SMRS-50 50% Silane Modified Siloxane Masonry water repellent
  • Silicone Specialty Resins Solutions

     SRS-650  50% Silicone Resin in Solvent  High temperature resistant coatings
     SRS-680  80% Silicone resin in Solvent  High temperature application additive
    SFS-731 50% Reactive Amine Functional Silicone Solution Car polish additive, textile and leather finishing, particle treatments
    SRE-140 Methylsiloxane Resin in Solvent Water repellent treatments
    SRE-250 Silane Modified Siloxane Masonry water repellent coatings
    SRS-3209 50% Solvent Based Siloxane Water repellency treatment for leather and textiles
    SRS-3277 Reactive Siloxane- Air Drying System Water repellent for leather and textiles